Dr. Enrico Dolcecore

Dr. Enrico Dolcecore

Dr. Enrico Dolcecore, otherwise known as Dr. D in the office, comes to us from Calgary, Canada. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science from University of Calgary. He then received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College. 

Dr. Enrico Dolcecore is an internationally renown neuro-based chiropractor that has been helping families for 10 years. Dr Enrico and his wife Dr. Christine Hafer moved to Tampa in 2017 after running a highly successful family chiropractic office in Canada. Serving infants, children and adults has made Dr. Dolcecore a highly sought out Family Chiropractor for many complex conditions such as neuro developmental disorders, vertigo, neuralgia, migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and much more.

His specialty in upper cervical and neurology background has the team at Root Cause Medical Clinic excited about the service we will be able to provide to many in the Tampa Bay community.


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